Why Wear Diabetic Socks?

People with diabetes have sensitive feet and struggle with various foot conditions. Because I have diabetic neuropathy, I pay attention to my feet and wearing appropriate socks as part of proper diabetic foot care.

Why Diabetic Socks?

Why do diabetics need special socks? Diabetic neuropathy causes a loss of feeling in the legs and feet making it difficult to know when your feet are too hot or cold, when there is a foreign object in your shoe, or when a blister or cut has developed. These issues may lead to infection and complications.

What makes a sock a diabetic sock?

Diabetic socks are typically seamless socks with padding. Significantly, they are non-constricting. A good indication that your socks are a potential problem is when an impression remains after removing them. For those with circulatory problems, constricting blood flow to the feet may lead to complications. Diabetic socks should be warm – warmth increases circulation – and absorbent. Moist feet may lead to skin infections. Diabetics socks are usually made from softer materials and should hardly be noticeable when wearing them.

Why Wear Diabetic Shoes

The correct shoes go along with the correct socks. Because diabetics are at a higher risk of developing bunions, corns, hammertoe, fungal infections, and gangrene, foot wear cannot be overlooked. Shoes for diabetics should not be opened-toed or open on the heel, these kind of shoes subject your feet to debris, such as pebbles, as well as the possibility of injury. In-depth shoes are best, these are shoes that leave extra room to accommodate for things like bunions or hammertoe. Orthopedic shoes are designed for comfort and leave room for foot problems like corns. Also absorbent shock resistant shoes or sole inserts are beneficial.

Where to Purchase Diabetic Friendly Shoes

This is a good question for your primary care physician or podiatrist. I generally follow the guidelines above when shopping and typically find appropriate shoes on the market. Hush Puppies and Dr. Comfort are two suggested brands for diabetics.



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