Diabetic Products and Supplies


As a Type 2 Diabetic, how you monitor and manage your sugar levels is likely a reflection of both your life style and financial situation. For instance, a recent product for the daily monitoring of blood Glucose levels is FreeStyle Libre. This product measures sugar by means of a sensor attached to the arm. The sensor is good for fourteen days and costs over $100 – with insurance between $40 to $75. The reader is a one-time expenditure of about $70.  Depending on your work conditions and your household budget this product may not be ideal. Also, I use the ReliOn reader purchased at Walmart. Because I have chosen to control my diabetes through diet and exercise, it is important to me that my daily fasting readings are below 115 mg/dL. However, I’ve noticed when I receive a reading in the 120s mg/dL, if I retest using a different finger the new reading may be as much as 10 mg/dL lower. In my case, an accurate reader is important and I do not like sticking my finger(s) twice to get what I hope is the correct reading.

The purpose of this page is to provide product reviews that will guide you in finding the best diabetic products for your life style and budget.



PersonalLabs is a fantastic site. It allows you to get lab tests, medications, and the answers you want, without a visit to the doctor’s office. In addition to testing for Diabetes and Kidney problems, PersonalLabs offer test kits for women and men’s general health, cancer screening, heart disease, and STDs. Do not know what tests are needed and want to speak with a doctor, PersonalLabs‘ Telemedicine service allow you to speak with a doctor from the comfort of your home.


The Diabetic Warehouse is an online service that ships free of charge. The site carries a wide variety of blood glucose strips, lancing devices, and blood glucose monitors. Additionally, their Health and Wellness page offers products to help quit smoking. Because Diabetic Warehouse receives small re-stocking shipments, items offered may be out of stock for short periods of time.