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On New Years 2018 my blood sugar was 440 mg/dL, the highest level I had ever recorded. It shocked me. At the time I was on three medications to control my Type 2 Diabetes. It was apparent to me that the med roller-coaster was taking me for a ride and waiting ahead was liver failure, an amputation and a premature death. The roller-coaster that we diabetics ride dictates that with time medicines become less effective causing a switch to another diabetes drug or worse the addition of a drug to our daily cocktail of injections and pills. Moreover, we become complacent. Many diabetics develop that attitude – we all know it, “as long as I am taking my drugs, I can eat and drink what I want.” This mindset ensures that the roller-coaster ride ends poorly. Diabetes medications will not make you well, do not enable you to eat what you want and are never a substitute for managing blood glucose through diet and exercise.

At that New Years party in 2018, I was avoiding the usual high-carb items like cookies. A fellow diabetic noticed that I was avoiding the sweets and commented to me “just live your life.” I should have found other means of enjoying the evening besides eating and drinking. As a diabetic, food is not your friend, not even at a party. Living my life by eating and drinking what I wanted (most of the time) was not living at all – it was a slow downward spiral.

So, I had to make some life choices, and I chose to live a better life leading to a future without diabetes medications. No longer resigned to my current life style, I knew drastic changes were necessary. The way I saw things, it was my diet and life style that got me into this mess, I will use my diet and life style to get me out of it. With the support of my wife, I made a lot of life changes, which included working-out three to five times a week. My current A1C is 5.9% and I am off of all diabetes medications. Through diet and exercise it is possible to control your diabetes and live a longer and fuller life. This website is a way for me to share my experience and give back to the diabetes community.


With no family history of diabetes, my diagnosis shocked me. I had no clue what my blood sugar should be, what was dangerously too high or too low or what could happen to me, such as a stroke or coma. Soon after leaving the doctor’s office I bought a test kit, my blood sugar was over 300 mg/dL. I waited a while and retested. My blood sugar had come down a few points, but was still over 300 mg/dL. I also bought a book to learn more about my illness. What I discovered is that there had been warning signs, which I had ignored: dry itchy skin, thirst, and exhaustion among others. My wife later bought me diabetic socks and skin lotion- who knew! It was a learning process highlighted with aha! moments of discovery. I want this website to be a source for diabetics to find supplies, diet and treatment plans, and the literature to make life with diabetes easier.


My goal is simple, provide a one-stop shop for diabetics to find the answers and supplies they need to live a better life.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to leave your comments below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

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Steven M Collins

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